Parametric bridge and solve the technical divides that can run through multi-disciplinary projects

Our services are comprehensive and complete: we’ll work to protect your design evolution and constructability, giving you certainty, confidence and control in your projects.


We collaborate with our project partners’ teams to help everyone work more efficiently. Better processes mean better project organisation and outcomes.
Our work reduces errors, reworks and risk

BIM Strategy

We understand BIM strategy, and help teams to establish their BIM projects and develop overarching implementation plans.

Education & Training

We offer education, training and focused consulting to help upskill teams.

Protocol & Template Authoring

We create bespoke solutions, tailored to our clients’ particular business needs and goals.

BIM Management Plan

We establish comprehensive plans to manage BIM processes.

Content Asset Creation

We develop the digital objects and assets used to develop BIM, ensuring this content fits perfectly with templates and protocols.

BIM Execution Plan

We delight in the detail, creating exacting BIM execution plans for every project.

Workflow & Technology Transitioning

Change Management: We identify specific areas requiring greater focus, and recommend solutions to address them.

Hosted BIMs

We leverage technology to enable diverse and dispersed teams to share authorable models in real time.


We take your designs and our data, and exhaustively assess both against all codes. We then review, audit and report to you on our findings.
Clients choose to work with us because they trust us, and because our work reduces their risks, errors and costs.

Practical Design

We analyse and assess performance-based requirements in your project.

Schematic Design

We check the fine detail in the schematic design stage, including briefed areas against early stage designs, project feasibility and specific site needs.

Brief Validation

We ensure areas, rooms and facilities within designs match brief requirements.

Codes & Standards Validation

Australian Standards, national construction codes, by-laws and planning rules: we know them all, and we’ll ensure your design complies.

Geometric Validation

We make sure everything fits just the way it should.

Coordination & Review

We know it’s vital that consultants and services are properly coordinated and working in line with project priorities. We’ll wrangle them for you.

Design Constructability

We make sure your design can be built before a single sod is turned. No skyhooks required.

Site Investigation

We get our hands dirty, checking your design against the site, and identifying areas where issues might just occur.

Client Engagement

We get stakeholders on board with our projects. Owners, purchasers and local authorities use model visualisation to validate and sign off on projects.

Review & Audit

We check and test your models against your BIM execution plans and best practice.

Model Management

We manage your models in line with the BIM execution plan by importing, exporting and distributing data and translations.

Detail Resolution

We solve your problems by creating durable and realistic solutions to detail difficulties.

Deliverable Accountability

We monitor and report your team’s delivery against BIM execution plan benchmarks.

Clash Detection

We help your project run more smoothly, detecting clashing geometry in BIM and seamlessly coordinating trades.

Cost Control

We test your modelled areas or elements against budget, and let you know the good – or bad – news.

Virtual Design Reviews

We identify and report on areas that need attention by team members.


After all data has been validated and modeled, we deliver the extra services that project teams need to make construction happen.
Our work makes buildings even more buildable.

Development Approval & Town Planning

We allow our partners to submit drawings to local authorities and other stakeholders

Building Permit

We meet the statutory and compliance requirements of building permit applications.


We deliver drawings for accurate and measurable head and sub-contractor pricing.


We create clear site instructions and directions for builders and contractors.

Fabrication Models

We use our technical brilliance to transform custom fabrication systems into 3D models.

(Service limited to very select projects/partners)

As Constructed/Built

We deliver the documents your contract demands for practical completion and handover.

Project Sequencing

We demonstrate how your building will develop in order of scheduled works.

Cost Reporting

We integrate construction data to measure and report costs.


We bring design to life with sketch-level imagery through to broadcast-quality animation.

Marketing Plans

We deliver graphical plans for media and marketing.

Stageing Plans

We determine access and sequencing plans for staged and space-critical projects.

Fit Out

We develop drawings for refits and refurbishments.

Leasing Plans

We create industry-standard area plans for leasing.